Umpire course (level 1)

First Saturday of November, 9.00 – 17.00
First Saturday of March, 9.00 – 17.00


09.00 Welcome

09.30 Start 1st part of the course, off-field,

10.30 Theoretical exams,

12.00 Lunch break

13.00 Start 2nd part of the course, on-field,

17.00 End of the course.


  • A host(ess),
    Someone who opens and closes the location, who welcomes the attendees of the course and takes attendance. (We will provide the list with attendees.)

  • A dedicated room with seats and tables for at least 24 people.
    Which can be divided into an ‘exam’-setup.

  • On of the following:

    • A beamer with HDMI connection, 

    • A flip-over chart with markers,

    • A white-board with markers.

  • A full field.

  • A changing room. 

When offering to host;

  • Make sure that you can host during the indicated times.

  • State the address where you will host. 

    • If possible directions by car and public transport.

    • If you can park by car, and if parking is free.

  • State clearly any costs which are necessary to host.

  • State clearly if there is a possibility to get lunch and or snacks for the attendees.
    All earnings during the day by running their own canteen are for the hosting party.

When hosting;

  • Be there on time!
    We will ask the attendees to be there at the times indicated above as the course starts a half-hour later.

  • Offer the instructor tea or coffee, any costs regarding the instructor can be invoiced (or declared) with us. 

  • If it’s possible to arrange a pot of coffee and/or tea for the attendees please do, any costs regarding tea/coffee can be invoiced (or declared) with us up to €25,-.

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