When Where At what time
Second Saturday of December
09.00 - 13.30
Second Saturday of April
13.00 - 17.00

Initial timetable

09.00 Welcome
09.30 Start of the course
13.30 End of the course

13.00 Welcome
13.30 Start of the course
17.00 End of the course



*This timetable can change but will not start earlier than 10.00 or run later than the round-up.


The online theory
The course ‘First Aid for Adults’ starts preparing with an online theory. When you subscribe, you will receive the instruction to create your own account. In your personal account, you can find the online theory and start immediately.

The online theory has 14 chapters which will take about 4 to 6 hours in total to complete. Of course, you do not have to complete the online theory in one go. You can log out any time you want to. The system keeps track of your progress. Want to know more about the content of the online theory? c

You will complete the online theory with a final test. This is a test with 50 questions about first aid. To get your proof of participation in the theory you must score 80 per cent of the questions right. If you have passed the final test, you may take part in the practical session. You can take the test as many times as you want. 


The course

The practical session
If you have successfully completed the final test, it is time to test your first aid knowledge in practice. During the practical session, you will learn important first aid skills under the guidance of an instructor. You will learn CPR, use an AED, connect wounds and various other first aid procedures.

During the event

  1. Attire-clothing is comfortable, athletic gear – whatever you are comfortable running around in! (training gear will suffice)
  2. Plan on staying for the entire session;
  3. Please bring a stick if you can. If you cannot, please contact to reserve a stick;
  4. Lunch will be provided by the NLB. If you have special dietary requests or need snacks throughout the day, please bring your own. We ourselves usually pack our bag with plenty of snacks and water. Energy is important and we don’t want anyone hangry!

There will be an assessment of the trainers during the live clinics in the afternoon. The NLB will certify the trainers who pass this assessment.


First aid courses are reimbursed by a large number of health insurers. Such a fee can go up to about 100 per cent. Curious about your compensation? Check it easily via this website. Check your reimbursement here.
If your insurer does not, or only partly, reimburse this course; then the Nederland Lacrosse Bond will reimburse half of the costs.
The full costs per person are €82,-. So if your insurer does not reimburse you at all, the NLB will reimburse you €41,- 



At the end of the course, you will receive a Livis certificate for participation. This certificate proves you are capable of giving first aid to those in need.

Livis gives a Livis certificate or a certificate from The Orange Cross after following a first aid course. The first aid courses with the Livis certificate are not legally recognized, but there are no differences between the courses. 

Childminders, educational staff and maternity nurses need a legally recognized certificate (Dutch Red Cross or Orange Cross). Lacrosse players or the hosting clubs are not obligated to provide an official certificate bearing person. 

One last thing

  • A cafeteria can be open, so you’ll be able to buy a candy bar/Tosti/etc. but we advise you to bring your own,
  • Deadline for sign-up is 1 week, or 7 days, before the start of the course; 
  • Costs of participation are € 82.-, per person, which are settled afterwards with your club,
  • No-shows will be fully charged,
  • Cancellations after the deadline will be treated as no-shows and clubs will be charged for. 
  • The results will be shared with the participants and their clubs within 10 days.

Fine print:

  • Any cancellation after the sign-up deadline will be processed as a ‘no-show’.
  • All ‘no-shows’ will be invoiced an administration fee of €25,- per person on top of the participation fee.

  • Lacrosse Academy is an official partner of the Nederland Lacrosse Bond.
  • This course is developed in participation with, and approved by the NLB.

Happy to help

If you have any questions or want to sign-up after the deadline please let us know!
You can respond to this email or find our contact info on our the contact page.


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